A comprehensive learning solution especially designed for students and teachers in British Columbia! 


Science BC specializes in science education that transcends traditional boundaries.

Our program is built on the pillars of active learning, empowering students with agency in their educational journey, and harnessing cutting-edge learning technology.

With a commitment to meeting diverse learning needs, Science BC is dedicated to cultivating a passion for science through innovative and personalized educational experiences.

The program is dedicated to students, parents, and teachers in British Columbia, Canada and is aligned with the learning outcomes required by the Ministry of Education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to blend world-class quality education with a delightful and immersive learning experience.

By doing so, scaffold the development of inquiry and metacognitive skills to spark curiosity and nurture a passion for science education. 

Setting the Standard

Blending Fun and learning

Who said education had to be confined to lectures and old-school worksheets? We challenge this notion and strive to make learning a fun and memorable learning journey 


Our services are tailored for the needs of all types of students: in-school, home learners homeschoolers, special students, and teachers


The program specialises in the BC Science Curriculum and is expertly crafted by a BC certified teacher, currently pursuing a PhD in Curriculum Studies at UBC


We are here to create new possibilities


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Our Offerings

Explore our trio of thoughtfully designed learning solutions, each boasting distinctive features.
Select the one that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.

Learning Resources

Basic Learning Solution
dedicated for 


Slideshows for every topic that include
  • learning objectives
  • Notes
  • Interactive activities
  • vidoes
  • real live examples
  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Summary

Self-paced Learning

Advanced Learning Solution
dedicated for 

in-school students
 & home learners

Includes Basic Learning Solution package  plus:
  • 70+ learning resources per unit
  • Sign up anytime during the year
  • Students work at their own speed
  • Multimodal learning format
  • Assessment for each lesson
  • badges to foster motivation
  • Progress bar to monitor learning
  • certificate of completion

Live Online Classes

All-inclusive Learning Solution
dedicated for 


Includes Advanced Learning Solution package plus:
  • online interactive classes
  • Assessment of learning needs
  • access to BC certified teacher
  • Group games and activities
  • Personalized learning opportunities
  • enhanced multimedia learning experiences
  • Collaborative learning environment

What's new?

Explore the most recent updates on new student intake and exciting resources for teachers.

Our students love us

"Incredibly happy with Science BC! Classes are engaging, flexible and successfully teach learning outcomes. To find a teacher offering this through live classes with other students is an amazing opportunity for home learners."
JUNE 2020
"Informative and fun! My son and I appreciated Science BC’s approach to teaching. The lectures are well supported using interesting videos, fun games, Kahoot quizzes, dynamic online experimenting tools and checking for understanding. I recommend Science BC and we will be returning next term!"
This program is extremely helpful for students who want a better understanding in the units of Science. The teacher is amazing, dedicated, kind, and caring and she makes things so much easier for students to understand. Highly recommend this program!
JULY, 2020
Nesrine El Banna is highly knowledgeable, creative and professionally practiced based science teacher.Her practically based videos is showing so much understanding and fun to learn sciences. Nesrine is very sincere ,caring and having great communication skills in sciences and the best thing to give the updates regarding performance of your child. My daughter is currently studying from her and gaining the knowledge of sciences. Amazing and competent teacher.
MAY 2021
My name is Dr.Lubaba Ramadan and I was a biology student of Mrs. El Banna 9 years ago.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. El Banna from the core of my heart. Mrs. El Banna was such a sincere and dynamic teacher who always had creative methods in giving her classes. Luckily, due to her outstanding skills in teaching, I graduated from high school with excellent grades and strong fundamentals in Biology which helped me in my first years in dental school. Thank you so much for all you've done. You were more than just a teacher you were a mentor as well. 
MARCH 2020
Our son is having a wonderful experience in Science BC! The lessons are engaging and incorporate fun videos, games, and quizzes that our son revisits after class. Ms. El Banna is an excellent teacher. She is welcoming and friendly and facilitates the active participation of every student. Highly recommended!
Science BC has helped my child gain better understanding of the concepts and lessons in science. The teacher has also been very caring, compassionate and sensitive in identifying the strengths and areas to work on of my child. The lessons are varied and interesting. The approach is simple and engaging. I am very pleased with what Science BC has ignited in my child's journey towards science appreciation and learning. Thank you.
MAY 2021
Informative and fun! My son and I appreciated Science BC’s approach to teaching. The lectures are well supported using interesting videos, fun games, Kahoot quizzes, dynamic online experimenting tools and checking for understanding. I recommend Science BC and we will be returning next term!
March 2023
Nesrine is such a wonderful teacher! My son absolutely loves his time with her. Her classes are well organized, delivered with enthusiasm, and present a good balance of theory and application. The online lab resources really help bring things to life. She cares about her students' engagement and it shows. Thanks Nesrine! 🥰
December 2021
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