We are here to create new possibilities for your child. 

Our program is designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs, including home schoolers, un-schoolers, home learners, and in-school students. Additionally, we provide accommodations to support students with special needs.
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Our students

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Our Learning solutions

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Our Accommodations for special ed

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Our students

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Home Learners

Homeschool parents, we take care of your child's Science education. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Science BC delivers the learning outcomes of the NEW BC curriculum AND provides ALL learning resources to cover those outcomes. Students will have unlimited access to all the resources for the whole academic year! 

Do not waste your time looking for learning materials or worrying about the quality of your child's science ed. We got that for you!

We are registered Service Providers for multiple DL schools in BC. Email us to check if your child's school is one of them. 
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In-school Students

To parents with kids enrolled in private & public schools, elevate your child's potential with us! 

Science BC provides your child with supplementary materials, tools and skills that would help them excel at their schools and stand out among their peers. 

Where your child is performing at grade level, above, or below, our learning solutions will support your child's learning and help unlock their potential.

Based on a survey conducted for school year 2021/2022, 93% of parents reported their child got better grades in their school after joining our program. 

Our Offerings

Explore our thoughtfully designed learning solutions for student, each boasting distinctive features.
Select the one that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.

Self-paced Learning

Advanced Learning Solution
dedicated for 

in-school students
 & home learners

  • 70+ learning resources per unit
  • Sign up anytime during the year
  • Students work at their own speed
  • Multimodal learning format
  • Assessment for each lesson
  • badges to foster motivation
  • Progress bar to monitor learning
  • certificate of completion

Live Online Classes

All-inclusive Learning Solution
dedicated for 


Includes Advanced Learning Solution package plus:
  • online interactive classes
  • Assessment of learning needs
  • access to BC certified teacher
  • Group games and activities
  • Personalized learning opportunities
  • enhanced multimedia learning experiences
  • Collaborative learning environment

For our Special students

Acknowledging that every student has unique learning requirements, we implement a range of strategies and accommodations tailored to cater to individual learning styles and needs.

Dyslexic Students

Gifted Students

Neurodiverse Students 

For our Dyslexic Students

Visual Aids and Organizers

We use videos, simulations, animations and many other visual aids. We also use graphic organizers, charts, and diagrams to help dyslexic students organize their thoughts and understand complex concepts visually.

Limited reading/Writing

Because we visual learning methods, such as videos, animations, virtual labs, etc.. the reading/writing time is limited 

Note-Taking Alternatives

Alternative note-taking methods are welcome in class. These include options to take notes digitally or using note-taking apps.

Simplified Language and Instructions

With our slideshows, we use clear and concise language, avoiding complex sentence structures and jargon. 

Extended Time for Assessments

We provide additional time for reading, writing, and completing assignments or tests. Dyslexia students may need more time to process information and demonstrate their understanding.

For our Gifted Students


Our curriculum goes beyond the basics and includes detailed content. The "extension" activities are specifically designed for students who are working ahead of their classmates.

Above grade level

Why have a gifted child repeat material if they are performing ahead of their grade level? Instead, they can enrol in a course that is higher than their current grade level.

Advanced resources

We provide access to reliable and advanced science resources such as articles, government website, statistics, infographics, etc to support gifted child's thirst for knowledge.

Acceleration option

We offer acceleration options that allow gifted students to self-pace through the course material if they demonstrate mastery of concepts. 

social media spotlight (optional)

This is an optional accommodation meant to celebrate achievements and remarkable work within or outside of the course

For our Neurodiverse Students

Chunking of information

We break down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable pieces to help students who struggle with information overload comprehend and retain the material. and retention for students who struggle with information overload.

Sensory-Friendly Environment

In our live classes, we control background noise, lighting, and visual distractions to create a more comfortable and focused learning space. Our slideshows lack excessive and distracting visuals and colours

Multimodal leanring

We present information in multiple formats, such as visual aids, videos, and hands-on activities, to retain attention and cater to different learning styles and help reinforce concepts

Extended time for activities

Because students have unlimited access to the learning resources, neurodiverse students are allowed additional time to complete the learning activities to account for processing differences.

Choice of learning options

By offering multiple options of activities and assignments, we enable students to choose from a selection of assignments or project formats to tap into their strengths and interests.
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