Meet the founder

A student, teacher, assessment specialist, research, lifelong learner and a mom of two wonderful children.

Graduate Studies

  • PhD student in Curriculum and Pedagogy at University of British Columbia

  • Masters Degree in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology - University of British Columbia 

Certifications & Diplomas

  • BC Certified Teacher 
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Education
  • Teaching Diploma - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
  • Bachelor of Science - Biology
  • CIRTL Associate at the Center of Integrated Research, Teaching, and Learning at UBC

Work Experience

With over two decades of experience, I've honed my skills as an adept educator, proficient in both in-person and online teaching. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of serving as the head of the science department and as a teacher trainer.


Immerse in research for the past four enriching years. My research interests revolve around exploring the facets of assessment, self-regulated learning, game-based learning and learner agency


A proud member of the Agency and Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments (ALIVE). 
ALIVE is a research program that explores the fascinating realms of open world game-based environments and how they enable agency for learning. 


Three-time winner of the President's Academic Excellence Initiative PhD Award at the University of British Columbia

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