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Self-Paced Learning solution


Our self-paced learning solution is tailored for students who prefer to learn at their own speed, making it suitable for both in-school and homeschool settings. It offers the freedom to work independently, empowering students to excel on their unique learning journey.

Easily access the learning platform from anywhere and at any time, regardless of your location. Students can conveniently track their progress using the progress bar and assess their learning through regular assessments to gauge their growth.

Say goodbye to paying for expensive tutoring; our program provides your child with everything they need to succeed!

top 3 BEnefits of self-paced learning


Research has shown that self-paced learning, also referred to as self-regulated learning, has numerous benefits as proven by literature. Here are the top three benefits:

Time management

Learners can allocate time effectively, balancing their education with other commitments.

Student Agency

Learners are empowered with autonomy and ownership over their learning as they advance from one lesson to the next

Less Pressure

Absence of strict deadlines reduces stress and allows for a more relaxed learning experience.
The self-paced learning solution

Works best for

Gifted STudents

Gifted students who work ahead of their grade level often demonstrate a thirst for knowledge and a rapid grasp of complex concepts. 
Unleash the full potential of your gifted student with our self-paced course designed to cater to their accelerated learning needs. Let them thrive and excel beyond grade level, exploring advanced topics, and fostering a passion for continuous intellectual growth.
With our comprehensive program, they can embrace a challenging yet fulfilling educational journey tailored to their unique abilities and interests.


Home learners find it empowering to have the freedom to delve deeply into subjects that capture their interest, allowing for a more personalized and immersive learning experience.
Embrace the perfect match for your home learner - our self-paced course meticulously designed to cater to their unique needs and interests. 
Empower your home learner to take charge of their education, thrive academically, and embark on an exciting journey of self-directed learning today!


Neurodiverse students bring unique perspectives and strengths to the learning environment, requiring educational approaches that cater to their individual learning styles and abilities.
Unlock the true potential of neurodiverse students with our self-paced course, specially designed to accommodate their diverse learning needs.
With a focus on celebrating their individuality and fostering a love for learning, our self-paced course empowers neurodiverse students to thrive academically and confidently embrace their unique strengths.
Let us be your ally in creating an inclusive and nurturing space where neurodiversity is celebrated, and every student can shine and succeed!


Students don't need to have special needs to be aspiring learners, eager to build a strong foundation in science! 
Empower your child to become a confident and knowledgeable science enthusiast with our self-paced course. 
Whether your child is a beginner or looking to reinforce your understanding, our course nurtures a love for science while laying the groundwork for future academic success. Embrace this opportunity to build a solid science education that will shape a bright and promising future!



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Assessment of need questionnaire 

Given at the beginning of each course. It is a form of communication to let us know if there are any important 

10 lessons for each unit of study

Nine lessons of teaching new topics and one revision lesson with a comprehensive assessment 

All the learning resources

A minimum of 6 learning activities per lesson, that's 60+ for whole units. The learning activities include: videos, games, animations, simulations, slideshows, worksheets, projects, home experiments and so much more!

Progress monitor

Students receive a   each time they complete one learning activity. The side bar shows them their progress. 

Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime

Upon sign up, students will get unlimited access to all the lessons and their respective resources no matter where they are and in whatever time zone.

Differentiated learning activities

Students learn in different ways and at different levels, that's why we differentiate our learning activities to cater to each student's learnign needs.

9 short assessments

At the end of each lesson, students have to take a short assessment called "Exit Ticket" to be able to pass on to the next lesson

1 comprehensive assessment

At the end of the unit, students take a comprehensive assessment to measure their mastery of intended learning outcomes

Immediate feedback

The courses are designed to provide students with instant feedback on the worksheets and assessments.

Certificate of completion

Hard work should be recognised and rewarded! That's why students receive a certificate of recognition after completing all learning activities.

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grade 6 

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grade 7 

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Grade 8

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Grade 9

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