Forces & Motion 

Big idea:
Newton’s three laws of motion describe the relationship between force and motion.
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    Grade 6
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Unleash your child's scientific potential as they dive into Newton's laws, discovering the secrets of interplay between forces and motion. This course goes beyond theory as it unlocks the wonders of real-life applications.

From the thrill of speed and acceleration to unraveling the mysteries of motion, this course will guide students through captivating and innovative lessons . They'll explore how forces shape the world around us, contact and non-contact, balance and unbalanced, from engineering marvels to the physics behind sports, and gain a deep appreciation for the forces that drive our daily lives.

Equipped with a blend of engaging teaching methods, including problem-solving activities and real-world case studies, our course equips students with a solid conceptual foundation. They'll unravel the complexities of linear, circular, and oscillatory motion, building the confidence to analyze, predict, and explain the movements they observe.

Join us on this thrilling educational journey, where learning comes alive. Enroll your child in "Forces and Motion: Exploring Newton's Laws and Real-Life Applications" today, and watch their scientific curiosity soar to new heights. Prepare them for a future where they can understand, appreciate, and navigate the forces that shape our world.

What's included?

  • 10 Lessons
  • 9 Sets of Slides with notes & activities
  • 9 Exit Tickets - Formative Assessments
  • 10 Online Classes
  • 60+ Learning Resources
  • 1 Quiz - Summative Assessment 
  • 1 Certificate


  • Types of force: weight, normal, air resistance, thrust, applied, tension, friction, lift 
  • Contact and non-contact forces
  • Balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Gravitational force
  • Mass and weight relationship 
  • Free body diagrams
  • Net force
  • Types of motion 
  • Speed, velocity and acceleration 
  • Newton's three laws of motions 
  • Applications of Newton's laws

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