Demo Class: Grades 8, 9 

What to expect:

Experience the future of learning with our engaging and interactive demo class, designed to empower students with innovative educational tools and methodologies.

Here is what the demo class offers:

  • A comprehensive lesson on the water cycle, complete with an interactive slideshow, learning activities, and fun games.
  • Access to the lesson on our learning portal, providing a firsthand look at navigation.
  • One live class to experience real-time interactivity and witness the dynamic nature of our classes.
  • A Pre-Demo Questionnaire in the Intro Module to provide the teacher with heads-up in case your child requires special accommodations
  • Insights on what learning opportunities this program offers and how classes unfold.
  • Measurement of learning with an exit ticket at the end of the lesson.

How to prepare

  • Your child will need a notebook and a pen/pencil
  • Show up on time
  • Test the camera and microphone 
  • Fill out the "Pre-Demo Questionnaire" 
  • Encourage your child to bring their enthusiasm and prepare for an exciting class!


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